Aerotenna Releases Mini Collision-Avoidance Radar, Flight Controller for UAVs

Kansas-based Aerotenna has launched two new products for the commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) space: the µSharp Patch, a small, collision-avoidance radar, and OcPoC mini, a system-on-a-chip (SoC), field-programmable gate array (FPGA) flight controller.

According to a news update from the company, an ideal sensing solution consists of a combination of sensors. Therefore, the flight control system must be able to integrate multiple sensors and perform sensor fusion to enable quick and reliable collision avoidance.

Thus, Aerotenna says, the OcPoC mini flight controller was engineered with those requirements: With over 100 I/Os for sensor integration and redundancy, a powerful ARM processor and FPGA structure, OcPoC mini has the processing power and efficiency to enable sensor fusion and real-time, onboard processing for safe flights and complex UAV applications.

In addition, like the µSharp Patch, the OcPoC mini can be easily integrated with any airframe and open-source flight stack.

Aerotenna recently tested obstacle avoidance in a variety of flight scenarios using μSharp, the company’s 360-degree sense-and-avoid microwave radar. Since that time, the company says it has further miniaturized the profile of the radar to ensure integration with small consumer drones.

Now, the μSharp Patch, smaller than a credit card, quickly detects and locates obstacles on the horizon, according to Aerotenna, adding that the mini radar maintains its collision-avoidance capabilities in any weather or lighting condition.

More information can be found here.Sharp-Patch-e1477450049358-300x239 Aerotenna Releases Mini Collision-Avoidance Radar, Flight Controller for UAVs


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