Aerotenna Grabs Top Spot in UTM Drone Sense-and-Avoid Competition

Aerotenna, a provider of radar sensing and system-on-chip (SoC) flight control technologies for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has won first prize at the Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) Preliminary Drone Sense & Avoid technology competition, part of the UTM Convention 2016.

The competition, held on Nov. 9 in Syracuse, N.Y., was launched by a partnership between the UTM Convention and to demonstrate drone sense-and-avoid technologies.

UTM Convention 2016, held Nov. 8-10, brought together aerial technology stakeholders, including those from the Federal Aviation Administration and NASA. The Drone Sense & Avoid technology competition was held during a Google-sponsored reception in front of companies and organizations including Google, Intel, Amazon and NASA, as well as regulators, investors and the public, says Aerotenna.

The competition obstacle course was designed as a mini replica of environments and scenarios UAVs would face in the real world, including a miniature bridge, glass obstacle, replica power line and moving obstacle.

Aerotenna demonstrated its collision-avoidance solution, based on the μSharp sense-and-avoid radar and the OcPoC SoC FPGA flight controller. Aerotenna successfully completed two collision-free rounds in the fastest time to take home the $12,000 first prize.

Aerotenna recently announced the release of a new miniaturized collision-avoidance radar and SoC flight controller for all drone platforms.

“Advancements in drone sensing and processing technologies are making autonomous drones a reality, and open competitions such as the UTM Drone Sense & Avoid competition are great venues to show the public just how smart drones have become,” comments Zongbo Wang, CEO of Aerotenna. “The capability of Aerotenna’s collision-avoidance radar shows the power of radar as a robust, affordable and easily integrated solution for all drone platforms in the new era of aviation.”UTMCompetition6 Aerotenna Grabs Top Spot in UTM Drone Sense-and-Avoid Competition


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