Aerotenna Brings Texas Instruments Sensor into Drone Collision-Avoidance Tech


Kansas-based Aerotenna, a provider of radar-based collision avoidance sensors and real-time intelligence for drones, has successfully tested the IWR1642 mmWave sensor from Texas Instruments (TI) with its own technology.

Aerotenna, which is powered by Ainstein, says it will now feature TI mmWave sensors in its next-generation collision-avoidance solution, uSharp Patch D1. With a multi-mode design, Aerotenna also offers uSharp Patch D1 as a low-cost option for automobile safety and self-driving features.

“Using TI’s recently announced mmWave sensors in their sense-and-avoid solutions, Aerotennna will make it possible for drone developers to design products that receive real-time, accurate data,” comments Robert Ferguson, Industrial mmWave Sensors product line manager at TI. “With entrance into the TI Design Network, Aerotenna is making it easier for manufacturers to use TI technology to design more autonomous and accurate drones.”

“Aerotenna is excited to work with TI,” notes Zongbo Wang, Aerotenna’s founder and CEO. “We’re especially excited about the autonomous future enabled by TI’s mmWave sensors. We believe TI’s mmWave sensors will unleash a suite of applications that were not previously feasible and will open even more markets for our technology.”

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