Aerospace Engineering & Analysis Firm in Alabama Gets FAA UAS Approval


1424_s900_1 Aerospace Engineering & Analysis Firm in Alabama Gets FAA UAS ApprovalIntuitive Research and Technology Corp. (INTUITIVE), an aerospace engineering and analysis firm based in Huntsville, Ala., recently received a Section 333 exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operations.

INTUITIVE provides production support, systems engineering, programmatic support, product development, rapid prototyping and technology management to the Department of Defense, other state and federal government agencies, and commercial companies.

According to the exemption grant, the company can operate the DJI S800, DJI S900, DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ and Tarot 680 PRO for conducting payload research and payload experimentation. The company notes that each drone can be customized with a variety of camera and sensor packages to meet specific customer requirements.

The waiver supports INTUITIVE’s strategic plan to expand its UAS technology development, payload integration and system development into the commercial sector, the company says, adding that the team combines engineering and military operational experience with operational procedures authorized by the FAA to develop cost-effective solutions.

“This a huge step forward for INTUITIVE’s UAS program,” says Harold Brewer, president of the company. “We have been working on integrating advanced sensors and measurement technologies for internal research programs while supporting customer projects with specialized air-vehicle requirements.

“INTUITIVE’s ability to fly unmanned aircraft offers our customers a tremendous capability to explore commercial uses of this exciting technology, as well as develop innovative sensors, provide valuable flight services and create future economic opportunities. Our fleet of aircraft, engineering staff and licensed pilots provide the resources to allow INTUITIVE to be a comprehensive solutions provider in the area of UAS development, integration and operations,” he adds.

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