Aeromao Continues Expanding Payloads for Aeromapper UAVs


1310_aeromappers Aeromao Continues Expanding Payloads for Aeromapper UAVsAeromao Inc., an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) manufacturer based in Mississauga, Ontario, is continuing to update its Aeromapper family of fixed-wing UAVs and is now offering more supported payloads.

The three drones – Aeromapper Talon, EV2 and 300 – are suited for mapping and survey applications and are currently being operated in more than 30 countries, says Aeromao. The aircraft feature parachute or belly landing capabilities, fully autonomous flights and a Sony a5100 24-megapixel camera – with the option to add a wide selection of sensors. All Aeromappers are based on full, three-axis platforms (yaw, pitch and roll).

The EV2 now allows more than 13 different cameras and sensors, the Talon offers 17, and the Talon has 20. However, says Aeromao, the list of supported cameras/sensors keeps growing.

The Aeromapper 300, which offers 1.5-2 hours of endurance, now has a power setup that eliminates the need for catapult launches; now, according to the company, users can perform hand launches more easily in any condition, such as with no wind or with a full payload.

Aeromao currently offers two types of image processing software with the UAVs: the Agisoft Photoscan Pro and the Pix4DMapper Aeromao Edition, which is a dedicated version of the Pix4D software and is offered as a bundle with each Aeromapper model.

According to Aeromao, its UAVs allow for the widest range of sensors in the market. A list of all the supported payloads can be found here.

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