AERIX Rolls out Miniature Virtual Reality Drone

AERIX Drones (formerly Axis Drones) has launched the new VIDIUS VR HD, what the company calls the “world’s smallest HD virtual reality drone.”

The VIDIUS VR HD is equipped with a 720p, high-definition, wide-angle lens video camera system, yet it measures only 4.3 x 4.3 x 2.5 centimeters.

The VIDIUS VR HD includes the new AERIX VR goggles so that pilots can fully immerse themselves in live, first-person-view flight. Using the AERIX Drones app and a smartphone, users can place the app into goggle mode, insert the smartphone into the VR goggles, and get a real-time view from the drone’s cockpit.

The company says the drone can fly up to 100 feet away from the user, perform 360-degree flips, and record and stream live video. The VIDIUS VR HD also features the new altitude assistance module (AAM), which helps pilots keep a steady altitude. A technology usually found in much larger drones, AAM uses a barometer-style device that helps the drone maintain altitude – allowing pilots to focus more on directional flight and less on going up too high or dropping too low. Altitude adjustments can be made in smaller increments, as well, according to the company.

Another feature is headless mode, which allows pilots to maintain a constant directional flight that keeps the exact perspective of forward, back, left and right. In addition, emergency blade stop keeps the blades from spinning in the event of a runaway drone or imminent crash.

In addition, the drone features three speed settings and offers five to seven minutes of flight time for each 20-minute charge. LED, colored lights allow for night flight and drone orientation.

The company notes that because of its small size, the drone does not need to be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration. The VIDIUS VR HD retails for $95.


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