Aerialtronics Unveils Gas and Radiation Sensors for Altura Zenith Drone


With a focus on the safety and security industry, manufacturer Aerialtronics has expanded its series of sensors for the company’s Altura Zenith commercial drone. The Netherlands-based company currently offers thermal and day-vision cameras for the unmanned aircraft system (UAS) and is unveiling additional nuclear radiation and hazardous chemical detectors this week at the Milipol Paris 2015 security exhibition.

Developed by Aerialtronics, the Dupla Vista already allows pilots of the Altura Zenith UAS to switch between thermal infrared and day vision mode for specialist security missions. Now, the company says, security professionals can act fast to evaluate, analyze and interpret data where there may be gas leaks, nuclear radiation or other potentially hazardous chemicals.

“Extending our payload range with the VOC monitor and nuclear radiation detection sensors adds the second sense and increases the potential of our system for businesses,” states Robin van de Putte, founder and chief of product strategy at Aerialtronics. He notes the Zenith UAS has more than 16 compatible sensors.

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