Aerialtronics Says ‘Yes’ to New Blackmagic Mini Camera


1067_blackmagicmicrocinemacameraangle Aerialtronics Says 'Yes' to New Blackmagic Mini CameraAerialtronics, having featured Blackmagic's new Micro Super 16 Cinema Camera on its Altura Zenith, is touting the benefits of the miniature film camera.

The camera, which features a Super 16 sensor and 13 stops of dynamic range and built-in RAW recording and features, is well suited for drones such as the Altura Zenith; the new product has the smallest camera body that uses professional lenses, explains Aerialtronics.

The company says it featured the Altura Zenith equipped with the Blackmagic camera on a poster outside the Las Vegas Convention Center at the National Association of Broadcasters’ 2015 NAB Show.

Robin van de Putte, chief marketing officer of Aerialtronics, says, “Its global shutter and compact, lightweight form lets users take maximum advantage of the aerial system capabilities in terms of flight time without compromising on the quality of your aerial footage. It’s a big advantage having the Blackmagic Micro Cinema camera onboard our Altura Zenith.”

Aerialtronics, a member of the Small UAV Coalition, is a drone manufacturer based in the Netherlands.
1067_square-altura-zenith-aerialtronics-drone-uas-blackmagic-cinema-micro-camera Aerialtronics Says 'Yes' to New Blackmagic Mini Camera

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