Aerialtronics Rolls Out the Altura Nucleo+ Sensor Box


630_nucleo-01 Aerialtronics Rolls Out the Altura Nucleo+ Sensor BoxNetherlands-based unmanned aerial systems (UAS) manufacturer Aerialtronics has introduced the Altura Nucleo+, a fully digital version of the company's Dupla Vista sensor box.

The key advantage to the Nucleo+, Aerialtronics says, is the access to two sensors at the same time – making remote-controlled switching between the two sensors possible.

The technology is particularly useful for operators who require multiple sensors during one flight and on-board processing power to perform specialist operations, such as mapping, security and inspection, the company explains.

The Nucleo+ offers a 1080p HD daylight camera with 16x zoom and 30 fps, as well as a calibrated 50 fps high-resolution thermal camera. Daylight, infrared and thermal images can be overlaid and transmitted in combination with mission data, which is stored on the 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard-certified on-board solid-state disk.

The Nucleo+ is equipped with a small on-board computer that features a field-programmable gate array and a Linux-based processor that allows for real-time image processing.

The system was developed in cooperation with partner 3D-One, which provides measurement solutions to customers such as the European Space Agency and EADS (Airbus Group).

The next step, Aerialtronics says, is to connect the Nucleo+ to the cloud, which will allow for the acquired data to be further analyzed, stored, shared and compared with other sensors.

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