Aerial Filmmaking Advocates Form Alliance in Hollywood


453_452377733 Aerial Filmmaking Advocates Form Alliance in HollywoodAdvocates of aerial cinematography are coming together for a common cause of promoting the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in filmmaking.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the organization – dubbed the Society of Aerial Cinematographers – conducted an event in Burbank, Calif., on July 26, to encourage over 100 attendees to take advantage of the extended public comment period for the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) interpretive rule for model aircraft.

Technicolor Creative Services’ Robert Rodriguez, the Academy of Model Aeronautics’ Rich Hanson and the International Cinematographers Guild’s Michael Chambliss were some of the speakers at the event, which focused on FAA regulations, safety concerns and the unmanned vehicles themselves.

In May, a company that concentrates its business on supporting the filmmaking industry, released a Multi-Rotor Tutorial Series for Filmmakers – a collection of footage and information aimed specifically at those interested in aerial cinematography.

Seven aerial photo and video production companies recently asked the FAA for regulatory exemptions that would allow the film and television industry to film with UAVs.

Read the full Hollywood Reporter article here.

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