6,000 Roof Inspections by Drone in Two Years


BetterView, a company that specializes in capturing and analyzing data from drones, says it has reached a new milestone by performing more than 6,000 rooftop inspections for insurers.

The company, which began operations two years ago, developed a proprietary software platform that it paired with a network of more than 4,400 drone operators to capture raw image data and analyze it.

BetterView’s drone inspections capture an average of 350 roof and property images in approximately 20 minutes or less, as well as provide additional insights through advanced visualizations like 3D models and digital elevation maps. Moisture trapped in roofs can now be spotted using thermal imagery, flood risk determined from property elevation, wildfire defensible space measured on 3D models, and building and property measurements derived from orthomosaic maps.

The company says it offers detailed reports for roof inspections, claims estimates, wildfire reports and site inspections to uncover hidden exposures related to parking lots, missing railings, fire pits, sidewalks, trampolines and more.

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