3DR Debuts Sci-Fi Series Filmed Exclusively with Solo & GoPro

Berkeley, Calif.-based drone company 3D Robotics is creating what it calls a “full-on sci-fi series,” all of which is filmed exclusively with the company’s Solo aircraft and a GoPro.

According to a 3DR news post, the series will launch on YouTube next week and will be released in six intervals throughout the rest of the year.

“The entire concept behind Solo was to give people a powerful and easy-to-use new storytelling tool that fits in a single backpack. And with this series, we’re putting that fundamental concept into real-world practice so you can see the results,” 3DR writes.

The company says “user field reports” will accompany every episode and will include “behind-the-scenes videos narrated by production team members themselves and blog posts about the overall process and experience of each shoot.”

Calling it the world’s first smart drone, 3DR first introduced the Solo in April. Chris Anderson, CEO of 3DR, said, “We’ve turned the Hollywood toolkit into software and allowed everyone to experience epic video, both behind and in front of the camera.”

A trailer for the new series, “Life After Gravity: An Original Sci-Fi Series from 3DR,” can be viewed here.


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