2016 Will Bring the GoPro ‘Karma’ Drone

More than a year after reports first surfaced that GoPro was interested in making its own drone, the camera and hardware manufacturer has now revealed the name of its creation: the “Karma,” to be released sometime next year.

In November 2014, the Wall Street Journal reported that the company was planning a line of drones that would be in the $500-$1,000 range. Earlier in the fall, around the same time it released the GoPro Hero4 camera series, the company also joined the Small UAV Coalition.

At a Re/Code conference earlier this year, GoPro CEO Nick Woodman made it official by stating in an interview that a GoPro-branded quadcopter was, indeed, in the works.

GoPro has now released a video entitled, “GoPro: Karma is Coming,” featuring serene, aerial shots of nature. (A report from Engadget suggests the name “Karma” could stem from a failed partnership with DJI.)

“Take a moment to look around you. Take a moment to recognize the magic that surrounds us – every day,” the video says. “Life,” it explains, “is a dream.”

“Now what if you could move freely through this dream – your dream – go wherever you want, and experience it from any perspective.

“What if you could fly? That would be magic,” it concludes before adding a logo of the Karma, arriving in 2016.

In the video description, GoPro encourages viewers to sign up for news regarding the Karma and enter for the chance to win one of the 100 drones it is giving away at launch time.



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