Using Drones, Parrot Subsidiary Offers Fertilization Advice in Farming

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Parrot subsidiary AIRINOV, which specializes in agricultural services using drones, is reporting the results of a three-year study conducted with French farming cooperative OCEALIA.

AIRINOV offers farmers measuring and agronomic recommendation services using drones to support the fertilization of wheat and oilseed rape (OSR).

Considering fertilization is a big expense, AIRINOV says its services enable farmers to cut down on the use of nitrogen by indicating where to reduce it or add it.

OCEALIA, a longtime partner of AIRINOV, evaluated the impact of the service on OSR over three years. The results showed an average annual savings of EUR 69/hectare on wheat and EUR 107/hectare on OSR.

According to the companies, these figures confirm that farmers, by using drones, can better produce and optimize yield, reduce expenses and improve their overall environmental performance.

The study involved 627 parcels of OSR and 1,734 parcels of wheat from 2014 through 2016.

More on the results can be found here.ocealia-1 Using Drones, Parrot Subsidiary Offers Fertilization Advice in Farming

Chart courtesy of AIRINOV

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