senseFly’s eBee UAS Aces Airworthiness Assessment

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The eBee unmanned aircraft system (UAS), developed by Switzerland-based SenseFly, has completed its airworthiness assessment through New Mexico State University’s (NMSU) Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight Test Center.

According to NMSU, the eBee is now being flown under the university’s certificate of authorization to develop safe flight procedures for mapping extractive industry projects, such as open pit mining and oil/gas operations.

The university reports that its flight test center is performing research with NewFields Aviation & Robotics Services to develop procedures enabling UAS to collect and provide high-resolution remote sensing data to help enhance safe and efficient operation for the extractive industry.

The SenseFly eBee was selected for the research by NewFields, NMSU adds.

Denis Zaklan, deputy director of the NMSU flight test center, notes that ‘this research effort will enable the [Federal Aviation Administration] to obtain and assess the data collected during these flights to establish validated procedures for the safe use of UAS for extractive industry applications.’

Photo courtesy of New Mexico State University

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