Drone Restores Telecommunications for 20,000 Texans

Posted by Betsy Lillian on June 02, 2015 No Comments
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After a downed fiber-optic cable affected 20,000 people in a Texas town, a drone came to the rescue and played a vital role in restoring communication services, according to Time Warner Cable (TWC).

TWC explains in a video that due to recent flooding in San Marcos, ‘the most basic forms of communication,’ including the phone and the Internet, had been shut off for both residential and commercial customers. This happened when the Blanco River overflowed and knocked down a major cable.

In order to repair everything, the company needed to bring the line across the river; however, thanks to the flooding, the bridge providing a path across was submerged in water.
1203_twc_drone_flooding.pngNeville Stewart, manager of construction for TWC and also a drone operator, brought in his hexacopter, attached it to a fishing line that toted the heavier cable and flew the aircraft to the other side. Using “steady hands and good, old-fashioned teamwork,” TWC says, the mission was a success.

“We knew we weren’t going to get across with much more than a fishing line,” Stewart says in the video, “so we did that, [it] worked successfully, we got the fiber eventually across, and all services [were] restored.”

TWC's full coverage can be found here.

Photos courtesy of TWC/YouTube

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