Conservation Group Seeking UAS to Save Critters from Farm Machinery

Posted by Betsy Lillian on July 08, 2014 No Comments
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Amid concerns for the decreasing brown hare population in Devon County, U.K., a group is seeking a heat-finding unmanned aerial system (UAS) to help save the creatures.

According to the Western Morning News, the South West Action Group for Hares (SWAGH) says the leverets (young hares) are often killed by farming machinery in the countryside – 150,000 a year in Germany alone.

The solution, the SWAGH says, is an engineer or physicist to help design a UAS to track the hares in the tall grass. A system that tracks deer fawns is reportedly already in place in Denmark, but a more sensitive one that detects smaller animals such as leverets is still needed.

The entire Western Morning News report can be found here.

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