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Draganfly Innovations Unveils Two Quadrotor Helicopters

Posted by UAO Staff on January 14, 2014

Unmanned aerial system (UAS) manufacturer Draganfly Innovations has released two new multi-rotor helicopters, the Shadow and Guardian. Draganfly says these quadrotor aircraft are built to carry high mega-pixel cameras and transmit the live video feed back to the operator. Both [Read More]

Graduate Students Developing UAS to Collect Meteorological Data

Posted by UAO Staff on January 13, 2014

As part of Oklahoma State University's unmanned aerial system (UAS) degree program, graduate students are designing a UAS with the hope of improving storm research. According to website NewsOK, the students aim to remotely fly a UAS into storms to [Read More]

Lighter Than Air Receives Order for Blimp in a Box Aerostat System

Posted by UAO Staff on January 09, 2014

Lighter Than Air Systems Corp. (LTAS), a provider of critical aerial and land-based surveillance and communications solutions to government and commercial customers, has received an order for a Blimp in a Box (BiB) 100 aerostat system for use by a [Read More]

The New York Times Reviews the Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter from DJI

Posted by UAO Staff on January 08, 2014

The New York Times recently reviewed the Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter developed by unmanned aerial system (UAS) company DJI, saying that Vision operators ‘can accurately film things that [they] would otherwise find hard to see properly with [their] own eyes.’ [Read More]

ADS to Distribute LTAS’ Blimp in a Box Systems

Posted by UAO Staff on November 27, 2013

Lighter Than Air Systems Corp. (LTAS), a developer of lighter-than-air aerostats and unmanned aerial systems for government and commercial customers, has entered into an agreement with ADS Inc. to distribute LTAS' Blimp in a Box (BiB) aerostat systems and related [Read More]

ATI Offering DJI’s Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter

Posted by UAO Staff on November 20, 2013

Portland, Ore.-based Aerial Technology International (ATI), an unmanned aerial systems (UAS) distributor, is now offering the Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter with an integrated FPV camera. The Phantom 2 Vision is manufactured by DJI Innovations, a company specializing in the development [Read More]

Nighthawk IV Micro-UAS Earns FAA Airworthiness Certification

Posted by UAO Staff on October 15, 2013

Following a comprehensive review and demonstration in September, Applied Research Associates Inc. (ARA) has received a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) special airworthiness certificate for its Nighthawk IV micro-unmanned air system (UAS). ARA says the Nighthawk is operating at its Randolph, [Read More]

Northrop Grumman’s UAS Pass 100,000 Flight Hours Milestone

Posted by UAO Staff on September 09, 2013

Security company Northrop Grumman Corp. says its portfolio of high-altitude long-endurance (HALE) unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) have achieved 100,000 flight hours. More than 88% of the hours were logged by the U.S. Air Force Global Hawk. The company notes the [Read More]

C-ASTRAL Unveils Integrated Unmanned Data Acquisition and Management Solution

Posted by UAO Staff on August 15, 2013

C-ASTRAL Ltd., a provider of small unmanned systems, has launched an integrated software/hardware solution for agriculture, forestry and land management in partnership with SINERGISE, a geographic information system (GIS) software solutions company. C-ASTRAL says its integrated system is based on [Read More]

Arcturus’ T-20 UAV Reaches Record Altitude

Posted by UAO Staff on August 12, 2013

The Arcturus-UAV T-20 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flew to a record altitude of 23,500 MSL during a training flight at Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center in Wyoming. Arcturus reports that the previous altitude record for the T-20 was 15,000 MSL, [Read More]