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DJI and Measure Come Together for Commercial UAV Services

Posted by Betsy Lillian on June 30, 2016

Drone as a Service company Measure and drone technology giant DJI have come together to form a partnership that they say will promote economic growth and innovation within the commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry. Washington, D.C.-based Measure provides turnkey [Read More]

New DJI-University Partnership to Foster UAS Precision Ag Research

Posted by Betsy Lillian on June 28, 2016

DJI and Washington State University (WSU) have announced their intention to partner on research for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in precision agriculture. DJI says this marks its first comprehensive partnership with a U.S. university. Last year, Shenzhen, Guongdong, China-headquartered DJI [Read More]

Agribotix FarmLens Mates With DJI Phantom for Drone-Plus-Analytics Solution

Posted by Betsy Lillian on June 16, 2016

Boulder, Colo.-based Agribotix has announced the immediate availability of the Agribotix Agrion, an agricultural drone solution that enables users to evaluate the health of an entire field. The package, with a price tag starting at $2,960, bundles Agribotix’s purpose-built FarmLens [Read More]

DroneDeploy Offers New Ag Functionalities in Time for Growing Season

Posted by Betsy Lillian on June 15, 2016

DroneDeploy, a San Francisco-based provider of a cloud software platform for commercial drones, has announced two new tools to help growers get more powerful insights about plant count and crop emergence. The tool from Aglytix – an agriculture-focused, analytics-on-demand company [Read More]

Sentera’s New Fixed-Wing UAV Provides Growers with Precise Grid Patterns

Posted by Betsy Lillian on June 09, 2016

Sentera LLC has rolled out the Phoenix 2 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), a fixed-wing, hand-launched drone weighing four pounds and offering up to 60 minutes of flight endurance. Sentera explains that the drone’s autopilot constantly auto-calculates and auto-optimizes according to [Read More]

Sentera Brings Autonomous Drone Route Planning to Precision Ag App

Posted by Betsy Lillian on June 08, 2016

Minneapolis-based Sentera LLC has added autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) route planning to its AgVault 2.0 mobile app to provide the agriculture industry with an end-to-end normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) solution. The added capability works with the DJI Phantom [Read More]

Hexagon’s New Precision Ag Mapping Apps Focused on UAV Market

Posted by Betsy Lillian on June 07, 2016

Hexagon Geospatial has released seven different Vegetation Health Hexagon Smart M.Apps, which make use of remote sensing algorithms to identify plant and crop health from a variety of different sensors. Focused on the burgeoning precision agriculture movement and the increasing [Read More]

Large vs. Small UAS: Researchers Explore Which Will Cut it for Farming

Posted by Betsy Lillian on June 01, 2016

A Hermes 450 unmanned aircraft system (UAS) recently took flight to help North Dakota State University (NDSU) with an agricultural research project that tests out large versus small UAS for crop and livestock production. The project will use the Hermes [Read More]

Texas Aircraft Manufacturer Enters Agriculture UAS Industry

Posted by Betsy Lillian on May 26, 2016

Olney, Texas-based aircraft manufacturer Air Tractor Inc. has expanded into the field of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) with its recent acquisition of Hangar 78 UAV, which offers its flagship Yield Defender UAS for agriculture. Air Tractor says the acquisition will [Read More]

Yamaha RMAX UAS Makes U.S. Debut in Wine Country

Posted by Betsy Lillian on May 20, 2016

Yamaha Motor Corp. U.S.A. has announced the inaugural U.S. commercial operation of its RMAX remotely piloted helicopter for agricultural spraying. The RMAX flight was completed this week in California for Napa-based Silverado Farming Co., a vineyard management company. The unmanned [Read More]