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How to Make it in the Industrial Drone Inspections Biz

Posted by UAO Staff on April 19, 2017

A drone photographer turned drone inspections provider discusses the importance of understanding your data.

Why You Should Take a Solution-Based Approach to UAV Services

UAO Staff
Written by Dustin Price on October 11, 2016

With sectors such as mining, infrastructure, agriculture and surveying, simply talking about a new technology is not enough to impress them; you need to talk about how this solves problems specific to their industries.

Autonomous Avionics Opens Drone Manufacturing Facility in Denver

Posted by UAO Staff on April 30, 2014

Autonomous Avionics has opened a small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) manufacturing facility in Denver to build custom drones specifically designed to meet individual customers' needs. The Denver-based company, which was founded this year, notes that the new facility combines manufacturing [Read More]

Operators Can Control UAV with Virtual Reality Headset

Posted by UAO Staff on April 29, 2014

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology has developed a system in which an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operator can control the aircraft through head movements. Researchers at the university have connected an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to a [Read More]

Texas Police Crash $250,000 Drone into Lake

Posted by UAO Staff on April 29, 2014

A $250,000 law enforcement drone has crashed into a lake in Texas. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) says that during an exercise, the approximately 49-pound ShadowHawk, manufactured by Vanguard Defense Industries, plunged into Lake Conroe after a malfunction, according [Read More]

North Dakota Innovation Center Snags UAS Tenant

Posted by UAO Staff on April 29, 2014

Virginia-based software company VirtualAgility has signed on as one of the first unmanned aircraft system (UAS) tenants at the University of North Dakota (UND) Center for Innovation Foundation's technology incubator. The UND Center for Innovation Foundation is a venture development [Read More]

Louisiana University Picks Up UAV, Eyes Industry Investment

Posted by UAO Staff on April 29, 2014

Louisiana-based Nicholls State University has received a Trimble UX5 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) through a donation and plans to use to the aircraft to survey barrier islands along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The Trimble UX5 is composed [Read More]

How Will The FAA Respond To Drone-Captured Tornado Footage?

Posted by UAO Staff on April 29, 2014

A camera-equipped unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was used to capture the aftermath of a deadly tornado in Arkansas, and it is unclear how the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will respond. After a tornado devastated the city of Mayflower on April [Read More]

FAA Complaint Prompts University to Move Drone Course Indoors

Posted by UAO Staff on April 28, 2014

College students enrolled in a course to learn how to fly unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been told to stay indoors. Although the University of Missouri offers a one-credit journalism class on UAV operations, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sent [Read More]

Firm Deploys UAV to Track Landslide, Fears FAA Crackdown

Posted by UAO Staff on April 25, 2014

Tributary Environmental, a consulting firm that specializes in aquatic restoration, geologic investigations, aerial surveys and lake mapping, is using a camera-equipped unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to track a slow-moving landslide in Jackson, Wyo. A two-man team from the company, Case [Read More]