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Security for Multirobot Systems

Written by Larry Hardesty on March 20, 2017

Cybersecurity work being conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology could have “important implications” for technology such as autonomous cars and unmanned aircraft systems.

Drones Assist at Historic Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, U.S. Army Joint Exercise

Written by Maholi Hernandez on February 24, 2017

History was made at the Port of Miami, Fla., this past Saturday, Feb. 18, as a fleet of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), consisting of drones and miniature aerostats, was used to provide live, situational awareness at a joint exercise between [Read More]

Three Things Drone Mapping Brings to the Golf Industry

Written by Pix4D on February 17, 2017

The emerald golfing greens have seen better days. According to the U.S.’ National Golf Foundation, the number of players has almost steadily declined from over 30 million in 2005 (pre-recession) to 24.7 million today. In addition, 680 U.S. and 158 [Read More]

So, You Want a Safe and Efficient sUAS Operations Business?

Written by Tariq Rashid on November 22, 2016

Increasing productivity while lowering costs is the business of every non-recreational drone operator, explains Skyward’s lead remote pilot.

Doubling Battery Power of Consumer Electronics

Written by Rob Matheson on September 01, 2016

New lithium metal batteries could make smartphones, drones and electric cars last twice as long, according to a new report from MIT News.

A Sit-Down With Drone Photographer Eric Cheng: Five Industry Insights

Written by Rebecca Wilson on August 25, 2016

In an interview with Skyward, Cheng, DJI’s former director of aerial imaging, answers five questions pertaining to the commercial drone industry, including advice for novice pilots.

Scaling a Drone Business: Hints from a North Dakota Start-Up

Written by Rebecca Wilson on July 12, 2016

Matt Dunlevy has a vision for his company, SkySkopes, and it seems to be working. Though they opened their doors in late 2014 – less than two years ago – SkySkopes, based in North Dakota’s northern Red River Valley, already [Read More]

How to Bring in Customers to Your Newly Launched Drone Business

Written by Erin Olsen on May 24, 2016

According to Skyward, navigating the changing regulatory landscape and marketing the business are two of the biggest challenges.

An Efficient Workflow for Commercial Drone Flights: Before, During and After

Written by Jessica Moody on April 28, 2016

Skyward recently spoke with Andrew Dennison, chief operating officer of LIFT Technologies – which works primarily on construction and surveying projects and is a division of Clayco Inc. – on the company’s workflow. The following are 12 steps to safe, [Read More]

FAQs on the Ins and Outs of Running a Commercial UAV Operation

Written by Jessica Moody on February 23, 2016

Last week, a team of panelists – Tom Hallman, formerly with Pictorvision; David Day, executive vice president of Keystone Aerial Surveys; and Jon Ollwerther, chief marketing officer of Aerobo – joined Skyward’s webinar that provided tips for running a professional [Read More]