Aerialtronics UAS Joins Police Force in Belgium

Posted by Betsy Lillian on April 17, 2015 No Comments
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The MidLim police in Belgium are adding an Aerialtronics Altura Zenith unmanned aerial system (UAS) to their operations in the Limburg region.

The police force decided to purchase a new drone after their successful completion of an experimental phase lasting two years. They have already deployed the Altura Zenith more than 70 times in various situations, ranging from monitoring traffic accidents to controlling crowds at large-scale events, says Aerialtronics.

1076_aerialtronics_police_3.jpgPolice Chief Frank Mulleners, who is leading the new project in Limburg, explains that the UAS is “multifunctional.”

“We can use it for detective work, maintaining public order, aerial photographs and searching for missing persons,” he says. “We can act very quickly and do not have to wait for a federal helicopter to begin our work – and the price is not comparable with that of a helicopter.”

The drone is equipped with a livestream video connection and a thermal camera, the Aerialtronics Dupla Vista.

The Altura Zenith is also being tested by the fire service in the Netherlands and for search-and-rescue missions in Norway. Last month, T-Mobile became the first European telecoms provider to inspect its cell towers using the aircraft, says Aerialtronics.


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